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Girona-Roberts started with some guiding principles at the heart of its operations, that of applying quality craftsmanship, mindful smart-thinking, and diligence to all of the work it does. As it grew and made business relationships it broadened its guiding principles to core values that it applies to not only the work it does, but also to the people that perform that work. These values are based on mathematical game theory, Nash Equilibrium, in which participants in group activity can benefit if they individually make decisions that benefit themselves, but it is only when participants in group activity not only make decisions that benefit themselves and the group that optimal group performance is achieved.


In practice, team members bring the winning attitude to the task at hand, yet it is the team that is enabled to achieve the success it brings to the customer. It is when the team member makes decisions in the best interest of themselves as well as the team that optimal performance for the is achieved. We believe that it is the responsibility of leadership to motivate and mentor team members and team in this “governing dynamic”, because without this there is no success for the team member or the team.


We apply quality craftsmanship, mindful smart-thinking, and diligence to the work we do.

We motivate and mentor the team member and the team.

We work partner with you to achieve success.


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